For the Community

Did you know that there are 285 million people in the world with some kind of visual impairment?

You probably know one of them. Or at least have met one. Now you have the chance of improving the quality of life of that person.

You can make the difference.

Feelipa is a color code that was created thinking about all those people.
The main goal is to allow everyone to have proper access to colors. And you can make the difference in the success of this goal.

Do you know what a square, a triangle and a circle are?
These are the primary colors.

A square represents red, a triangle represents yellow, and a circle represents blue.

Do you know how color mixing works?
Then you already know the other colors.

We mix blue and yellow to get green, so joining the circle with the triangle we have a geometric form that represents green. We mix red and yellow to get orange, so joining the square with the triangle we have a geometric form that represents orange. We mix blue and red to get purple, so joining the circle with the square we a this geometric form that represents purple. We mix purple with orange to get brown, so by joining the form of purple and orange we have a form that represents the brown.

Black and white are colors too. And so is gray.

Because these are “special” colors, they are represented with straight horizontal lines.

Black is represented with three horizontal lines, gray with two horizontal lines and white with just one horizontal line.

Mix black or white for shades or tints.

Shades have black inside of the geometric shape, and tints have white on the outside.

For example, three black lines inside a red square create dark red. If we want light red, or pink, we simply place the white line outside of the red square.

A whole range of colors.

Following this simple logic, it’s possible to obtain a diverse
color palette which spans 24 different colors.

Feelipa Explanation Sheet

Preview of Feelipa Color Code's explanation sheet

Download a simple one-sheet explanation of Feelipa, print it and share it with others.

 Download Explanation Sheet

Universal, Simple, Inclusive.

As you can see, Feelipa is very simple and easy to learn, because colors are associated with geometric shapes known to all of us. Because the shapes are embossed, anyone is able to correctly identify colors, regardless of their visual limitations.

Because color is for everyone.

Play your part.

Help us spread this idea. Help others learn Feelipa, because this will make your life more colorful too.

Our heartfelt thanks.

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Photo credits: Colored eye by Dima Bushkov;