About the Project

Making everyone feel colors

How it all began

Feelipa had its origin in 2009, when the author, Filipa Nogueira Pires, began an investigation with the aim of making color accessible to as many people as possible, particularly for people with some kind of visual impairment.

The research was carried out alongside the MSc in Product Design at FA-UTL and in partnership with the Helen Keller Center (a school dedicated to the integration of students with visual impairments and other needs). Over several months of contact with visually impaired children, it was possible to develop, refine and validate this color code. These children were the ones who made the project possible.

On 12 October 2013, at TEDxLisboaED 2013, the author presented Feelipa to the public for the first time. Watch the TEDx Talk below (subtitles in English are available)

The why

Feelipa was developed to bring greater independence to people with visual impairments, enabling a better understanding of the world around them. The color code has the following key assumptions:

  • Be universal and easy to learn;
  • Be easily recognizable, regardless of its size;
  • Always presented in relief, for easy and proper touch recognition;
  • To have a logical functioning, associating colors to basic geometric shapes.

Because we want to provide better quality of life and enhance the capabilities of people who just see the world in a different way.

  • We Stand For

    Access to color for all Men.

  • We Stand For

    Greater equity and inclusion in our society.

  • We Stand For

    The autonomy of visually impaired people.

  • We Stand For

    Greater social responsibility by individuals and businesses.

  • We Stand For

    Innovation and citizenship.

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